Botanical Name:  Euphorbia milli    Common Name:  Crown of thorns, Christ plant     Euphorbia can be grown from seed, cuttings, or root divisions. When making a cutting, take care not to get the white milky liquid (latex) on your skin and particularly do not get it near your eyes or mouth. Produces flowers all the year round. The flowers are tiny, but each is surrounded by a pair of kidney-shaped, bright red or yellow bracts, which look like petals.The branches are cylindrical, smooth and glabrous-green, 5-8 mm in diameter, forming brush-like masses that are the best known feature of this species. Max height is 2 ft (60 cm). 

Soil: Euphorbias require soil which is very well drained. A fast-draining medium such as cactus potting mix works best. 

Watering: Water euphorbias when the top half of the soil is dry. If a euphorbia is allowed to dry out completely and then is deeply watered, it can root. Water less in winter when the plant rests. Also, avoid getting water on the leaves and stems because they can rot if they get too wet.


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