Croton Plants


Botanical Name:  Codiaeum Variegatum.        Common Names:  Rushfoil and Croton.      There are many variations in leaf shape and size with multi-colored and exotic in appearance. The Croton plant requires moderate to bright light, so keep the plant within 3 - 5 feet of a window receiving sunlight. In tropical or subtropical climates grow similar types in a row as a colourful hedge or screen, or use as an accent plant in part shade. Its height is  3 ft (90 cm).

Soil: Peat moss based potting mix.

Watering: Heavy watering and high humidity environment favors the growth of a croton plant. However, heavy watering does not mean over-watering the plant. If the plant does not get enough water, and then its leaves would fall and start to slope downwards. If the tips of the leaves start taking a brown color, then this indicates poor water supply to the plant. Over-watering of the plant is indicated by wilting. During winters, the croton plant would come to a halt in its growing process and so less water will be required. 

Different Varieties of Crotons are available with us 

1)  Multi Colour Crotons

2)  Petro  Crotons

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