Mango Plant


Botanical Name: Mangifera Indica.    Common Names: Mango, Mangot, Manga, Mangou,Mamidi.

The Mango is the national fruit. In India, mango is available from March to mid-August. The Mango fruit has green skin that gradually turns yellow, orange, purple, red, or combinations of these colors as the fruit matures. Mango trees are deep-rooted, symmetrical evergreens that attain heights of 90 feet and widths of 80 feet. Mango trees leaves are 12 to 16 inches in length and yellow-green, purple, or copper in color when young. Common in the tropical part of the world, mangos are savored for their sweet juice and bright colors. People in India eat mangos ripe, or prepare them green as pickles or chutneys. They are rich in vitamin A, C, and D.

Soil: Mangos will grow in almost any well-drained soil whether sandy, loam or clay, but avoid heavy, wet soils. A pH between 5.5 and 7.5 is preferred. They are somewhat tolerant of alkalinity. For good growth, mangos need a deep soil to accommodate their extensive root systems. 

Watering:  The water requirements mainly depend on the age, soil type and climate. However, young plants upto 2 years should be watered regularly. The newly planted grafts need about 25-30 l of water every day. Irrigating the grown up trees after fruit set at 10-days interval increases their yield. Mango growers commonly practice drip irrigation so as to control over watering and also to irrigate a larger area with better management practices. 

Different Varieties of Mangos are available with us. 

Commercial Crops   

• Benishaan or Banginapally                                         

• Daseri                                                                          

• Heemayat                                                                    

• Kesari                                                                          

• Alphonso                                                                     

• Langra                                                                          

• Cheruku Rasal 

Hybrids Crops

• Mallika

• Amarapally

• Mahmooda Vekarabad

• Manjeera

• Hybrid – 10

• Hybrid -  13

• Ratna    

Pickles Crops

• Jalal                                                                     

• Thambuva                                                                

• Aamini                                                                            

• Rajapuri                                        

• Tellagulabi   

Other Crops                                                                   

• Pedda Rasal                                                                

• Chinna Rasal                                      

• Zhangir                                                              

• Sindhu                                                            

• Suvarna Rekha                                                        

• Kothapalli Kobbari

• Pancha Dara Kalasa

• Baara Maasi

• Royal Special

• Malgoa

• Safeda

• Kaju

• Azam-us-sammer

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