Guava Plant


Guava is a very popular fruit.  It is available throughout the year except during the summer season.  Being very hardy, it gives an assured crop even with very little care.  Its cost of production is also low because its requirements for fertilizer, irrigation and plant protection are not much.  Further its nutritive value is very high.  Therefore, it is and ideal fruit for the nutritional security.

The varieties of Guava is  Allahabad Safeda,  Lucknow 49.

Allahabad Safeda:

Allahabad is a well known guava cultivar and it has acquired large variations due to seed propagation.  The fruits are large in size, round in shape, skin smooth and yellowish white.  The flesh is white, firm, soft having pleasant flavour. It has a round crown and drooping branches. Allahabad Safeda in terms of length and width was maximal during 30-60 days, while in terms of weight and volume the highest growth period was 60-90 days from fruit set. The TSS shows increasing trend during whole growth period and maximum (14.93 per cent) on 150 days. The ratio of TSS and acidity initially increased up to 90 days and then reduced up to 120 days. This ratio again increased during the period of 120-150 days of fruit growth. 

Lucknow 49:

  Also known as Sardar, its fruits are medium-large with cream-white, thick flesh, few seeds; acid-sweet; good quality; heavy bearer; high in pectin and good for jelly; halves good for canning, roundish ovate in shape, skin primrose yellow and pulp white, very sweet and tasty. The TSS and vitamin C contents are high.  The trees are vigorous.


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